Session Title: Build a Business: Using Your Technical Skills To Build Your Own Business
Speaker(s): Gethyn Ellis

Abstract: Have you have wanted to run your own business? Work for yourself? Set your own agenda? Select the projects and even the clients that you work on? Then this session might be for you.
In this session, we will discuss what it takes for a person with outstanding technical skills to build a product or service around those skills to become a marketable product you can sell to clients. You can build a business.

To build a business, let’s say it’s as an IT Contractor or consultant. You will need excellent technical skills; however, that’s probably not half the battle you will need to

> Build and describe a product or service that solves a clients problem (Product Development)

> Build a brand around you and your product/service, so people are aware that it exists (Marketing)

> Talk to clients to understand what problems they are experiencing and how your product will help solve them. (Sales)

>Produce a sales document that evidences how the services and products you supply solve clients problems (Sales)

>Manage your time and resources to ensure that you deliver maximum value to your existing clients while continuing to find new clients (Business Management)

It can be a rewarding and fun way to work if you do it right, and in this session, we’ll show how you can approach starting your own IT Contracting or Training business and hopefully help you build a successful business of your own.

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