Session Title: Bad Decisions Revealed: How our Emotional Brain Wins Over our Thinking Brain!
Speaker: Tammy Guns

Abstract: Do you ever wonder why supposedly “smart” people seem to make “not so smart” decisions? We are far more controlled by our emotional brain than our thinking brain. We all KNOW how to be at our ideal weight and yet few of us are able to maintain that goal. We all KNOW how to engage in behaviors that are supportive of our health and yet we fail to do so on a consistent basis. We all KNOW what to do in many areas of our life and how it benefits us, but we fail to take action. Why? We are actually incentivized to make “bad decisions” in the immediate time frame. This presentation will help uncover and demystify our curious behaviors that seem to be counterproductive to our desired goals. You won’t want to miss out on these simple tips and tricks for a better future starting NOW!

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