Session Title: Authoring, Publishing Policy and Workflows in Azure Purview
Speaker(s): Balram Prasad

Abstract: Access policies in Microsoft Purview enable you to manage access to different data systems across your entire data estate. For example:
A user needs read access to an Azure Storage account that has been registered in Microsoft Purview. You can grant this access directly in Microsoft Purview by creating a data access policy through the Policy management app in the Microsoft Purview governance portal.

Data access policies can be enforced through Purview on data systems that have been registered for policy.

Workflows are automated, repeatable business processes that users can create within Microsoft Purview to validate and orchestrate CUD (create, update, delete) operations on their data entities. Enabling these processes allow organizations to track changes, enforce policy compliance, and ensure quality data across their data landscape.

We will walkthrough how to create policy and workflow in this demo.

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