Session Title: AI: Powering New Possibilities with Indian Languages
Speaker: Shaily Goel

Abstract: AI growth in India is happening at exponential level. As per the Accenture report, AI will add $957million to Indian Economy by 2035. Today more and more Indian users are using internet. Phone growth is massive. 9 out of every 10 users uses phone to communicate. However Large portion of this population still cannot read and write. Voice is the important communication media for all these users. These users will harness the power of internet eventually in their own vernacular language. Hence Government is pushing hard enterprises to enable AI for barrier free communications. Initiatives like NLTM are steps towards it. Multiple Indian startups are funded that taps into regional language. Voice, vernacular and video will be important pillars of the India AI growth. . This talk aims to showcase the work Microsoft is doing in this space for India market, showcasing use cases that are powered by these AI services for India.

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