We are glad that you have decided to join Amit Bansal’s Technical Discussion List. Here are some tips and guidelines so that you make the most out of the list:

  • First and foremost, please set a rule in your email client so that all emails that contain the subject [DataCommunity] is automatically moved to a specific folder. Of course, create the folder first. You may call it “eDominerDataCommunity”. And then set the rule. Most modern email clients have the “rules” feature including Gmail, etc.
  • No marketing, advertisement or promotion on this DL, only technical discussion.
  • No racial, abusive, violent posts. Avoid rants or any personal attack. No posts related to religion, etc.
  • The DL is moderated by Amit Bansal’s Team.
  • Before asking a question, please search the web for an answer. The internet has most answers today.
  • Not only should you ask questions, but provide answers too.
  • Let us participate in healthy technical discussion list.

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