Session Title: 5 Things you can do with Power BI Report Builder
Speaker(s): Markus Ehrenmüller Jensen

Abstract: … but not with Power BI Desktop. There is life in the old dog yet! SQL Server Report Server’s Report Builder is having it’s revival as Power BI Report Builder recently. As a product which had years to mature, it still has features yet missed in it’s younger brother Power BI Desktop.
When you ever faced one of these problems in Power BI Desktop, then you should make sure to not miss this session:

  • Exporting of visuals, which span more than the size of one page
  • Adding a “Print” button to your reports
  • Use an expression to set the default value for a filter
  • Dynamically show & hide portions of a report
  • Re-use code via functions and sub-reports
  • Live-connection to more than one Power BI dataset

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