Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 Pre-Cons 

Pre-Cons are 8 hours, of focused, deep-dive, demo-based virtual classroom training. Each Pre-Con is designed to offer intermediate & advanced-level training on a specific topic/subject. These classes offer more knowledge, skills, and expertise beyond the summit content.

DPS 2022 Pre-Cons (Virtual Training Classes): Sep 12 to 16.

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Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022  

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 – the eighth edition of the signature learning event focusing on Microsoft Azure Data Platform – the market leader in Data & Analytics.

Conference: Sep 19 to 23. Pre-Cons: Sep 12 to 16. Online. Join for free.

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PeopleWare India

Peopleware India (PWI) brings you affordable learning solutions from the world’s best trainers. Video Courses include subjects like Power BI, SQL Server, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Azure Cosmos DB, Kubernetes, Dockers, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Clusters, Migration, Azure Data Factory, and more. Choose your course, subscribe and start learning instantly.

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